by Shuteyes

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    All album artwork as well as the video for "Revenue Streams" were taken in an undisclosed and dilapidated warehouse on the East side of Buffalo - taken by Rachel Rizzo Photography. These are outtakes that were too dope to can, so we printed them up. All artwork comes with white border and clear plastic covering.

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    Written by Shuteyes. Production by Definition. 2016. Buphvlo.NY.USA. Artwork by Rachel Rizzo. Featuring guest emcees; WestsideGunn, ToneAtlas, MadDukez, & Daze!!! Real HipHop is ALIVE and well!!

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Written by shuteyes.
Produced by Definition.
Recorded & mixed by It Smells Like Laundry.
Mastered by Gangster D.
Executively Produced by Leif.
Artwork by Rachel Rizzo.
Guest Emcees: Mad Dukez, Daze, Tone Atlas, & Westside Gunn.
Dopecrates. BUPHVLO 2016


released April 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Shuteyes Buffalo, New York


||Buffalo||NYC||Japan||UK||Croatia||New Zealand||


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Track Name: Kill 'em. Kill 'em.
It's the Opium. Pay homage to the roots.
This is that 1 off, 1 off /
Kill 'em, kill 'em /
Come off spillin' from the get /
vet dropped the kick off /
run it back for the 4th six /
devil's in the corporate /
divorce it /
I need to get this bitch off /
know what I'm saying? /
said this is that 1 off, 1 off /
kill 'em, kill 'em /
this is that 1 off, 1 off /
kill 'em, kill 'em /
this is that 1 off, 1 off /
kill 'em.
Track Name: Sodium
investments; they need to be protected /
Deceptions; attempted insurrections /
I question receptions;
play you with contentions /
Intentions; get the paper, end of session.
Now come discover fire for the second time /
Every second I'm orgasmic as the lecture blinds /
Wreck ya mind, baby, get in line /
Machiavellian lessons guide /
upon my beckon cry:
"Come get on my dick"
& don't question why /
I'm a hit the planet Earth off like Simper Fi /
When legends die I'm energized /
but Let them embers fly /
Talk -
cold like November skies /
Sharks won't get petrified /
spark -
best connect; you get no second tries /
mess with mine; ya last words they def. won't get memorized /
shitty mom; kid you get ignored /
What I've poured into my broken Dutch's you can't afford /
Get down or lay down (or) get smote by the sword /
bitch melted like snow at the glance of the Lord.

Investments; they need to be protected /
Deceptions; attempted insurrections /
I question receptions;
play you with contentions /
Intentions; get the paper, end of session.

I could read 'em all, I could read 'em all like that /
I could read 'em all, I could read 'em /
see them; they just wanna ball /
but the loud one doesn't last /
doesn't last that long at all /
call it tolerance; pause /
I freak it stronger.
I freak it stronger.
I freak it stronger than ya average /
I think my eyes are bleeding /
Still nice guy finish last shit /
AYO I gentleman the mess out ya girl before I blast this /
Oh Snaps! He smashed it /
to smithereens. I'm a make it; /
blame it on the Smith in me.

Listen G, i gotta leave this dark gutter /
Though my heart flutters /
as it sparks colors;
It's art fuckers!
It's needle in the arm sufferers /
It's fun loving' gun lovers in camouflage bunkers /
but the parts drunken; yeah
played it to a T my friends /
cubic zirconium gems /
kicked from the podium, damn /
Sodium? NA
it' still the opening blend /
an appetizer 'for I dive into my opium den.

investments; they need to be protected /
Deceptions; attempted insurrections /
I question receptions;
play you with contentions /
Intentions; get the paper, end of session.
Track Name: Clam Chowder ft. Mad Dukez & Daze
SE: ya yo
Mad Dukez: Yo, tell me that's not the same shit?
SE: Man, come on. That's not it.
Mad Dukez: For real?
SE: Yeah.
Mad Dukez: Shit.
SE: Never move off the fear /
Never rest with the stress
Keep ya head on a swivel /
& be sure before you step
It's best to come correct /
Death or meet the Feds /
If you're movin' off the stress -
Then you're not playing chess /
Is You?
Better watch yo damn neck /
Better carry a big stick;
Just in case it need flex /
Don't underestimate the Vets /
Or the way the young man rep /
Or ya self - Shit is not complex /
I'm tryin' to mainline checks;
for respect /
Fuck the windex:
I keeps it crystal clear - listen here /
Yo listen here. Listen here.
Get on my level;
Never move off a fear /
Get on my level;
Never move off a fear /
Get on my level;
Never move off a fear /

Mad Dukez: Never Move off the Fear (5x)
Never move off the fear /
Stress will leave with a puff /
Enough - sting like a cobra /
Grip like a crutch /
Da Fuk - Do we look like playin' the coward /
The soft Lord; dwellers in Shells;
We clam chowder /
Power - Watts - Like it's CALI though /
I scour - Blocks - But never dally though /
You don't understand let me tell (how) you got it /
Potty trained at gun point /
Was no piss or shits about - NO /
'Cause I don't fear nothing' /
Give you the feeling Daddy's home /
& you done did something /
Keepin' you real /
& feelin' yo fear's /
Peelin' yo Union /
Heed me and hear it nigga /
I'm fearless;
That's how I suns it.

Daze: Gimme That /
I fear no man but God /
Never move out of fear.

When heat signatures /
That Remington engages to find ya /
Tryin' to creep up; snatch ya jugular out ya throat /
From behind ya /
My person is that of an anaconda/
Quite striking in my ways /
I mean a lyrical Madonna /
I ought to be a scholar /
Hotter then a pit of lava /
I'll make you holler for that dollar /
While I watch you be devoured /
I'll Superman a crane lift /
On top of a tower;
The drop you off it /
So you could fall for an hour /
My style get so filthy /
& it never takes a shower /
It's the reason the side of ya face /
Accumulatin' baby powered /
Fuck around - get pound /
& found snuffed in ya clam chowder /
Thought that shit was sweet;
'Till it went damn sour.

Shuteyes: Ha. Run it /
Yo take this fucker to the dungeon /
This mouthy little prick doesn't understand the function /
Cook my spittle on a spoon /
& start pumpin' /
Get ya system really bumpin' /
Fuck a crowd, ya skin jumping'
Clam Chowder
This shit get scary after nightfall /
Let my geriatric knife fall;
& split apart ya pumpkin /
Youngin' /
With a little something' for ya old ways /
Leave my descendants something' /
More than Gucci belts and old J's /
Then i tell myself relax /
Yeah, I only move to my advantage /
Teflon thoughts. Reactions;
I fuckin' plans it /
Send upper management to the damage /
Like out of state hammers /
Leave them as phantoms /
& it goes;
From pages of Sun Tzu /
To modern day crime rates /
This really ain't the place for the blind date /
Know thy enemy;
& the rest is chemistry.

Never move off the fear /
Never rest with the stress
If you're movin' off the stress -
Then you're not playing chess /
Is You?
Better watch yo damn neck /
Better carry a big stick;
Just in case it need flex /
Get on my level
Mad Dukez: Never move off the fear
Track Name: Revenue Streams
I don't know,
fashion trends just ain't my cup of tea /
bet if you shut your eyes the Earth would fuk with me /
I gotta bless my babies up with luxury /
That custom steez my g's /
fabreeze - kill all that fakery /
B-Lo, nothing lovely /
Victim was the cousin, but the culprit was the company /
we roll with that shit comfortably /
So what you facing' now? /
struggles, tests, and ancient smiles /
Foundation I lays it down /
So, child born gets raised in style /
Show him a place called hell /
Tell him that the devil wants to take us down /
Better know how to take an L /
Foresight and patients child /
Work and dedication style -you ever see me laying' round? /
Gotta get that pay up loud /
Time to turn it way up /
Open up my lane, mainline through many veins /
multiple Revenue Streams

multiple Revenue Streams
You think I'm waiting on the game child? /
shit is real, shit-shit is real /

Never whipped that cumulous white /
No guns man, it's just numerous knives /
and I use them to strike /
Wanna look through ya pearly whites when I'm through with ya life /
That's right kid - shit is personal /
but of course there's triggers on the personnel /
What, you never heard of Buffalo? /
A third of this is worse then hell /
looking like New Orleans, with no Katrina needed /
my man's homeless - it hurts - I wanna see him eating /
Momma rocked out - Momma rocked out /
She got the bottles no doubt /
Tryin' to rhyme my way out /
Just help, whenever possible -to those stay devout /
shout out! I got ya back if you've ever looked out /
And yelled JAKE! /
word up -thanks for warnin' /
Give me another season over seas we'll get it goin' /
And I'll don it -but fashion world is not my cool /
2 g's for some shoes is like half a year in some schools /
seek knowledge /
Don't ever get my shit confused /
speak brollick and my white style -I'm collecting dollars /
My type of drive is an incessant handful /
you're type of drive is collecting some can foods /
damn dude, success seems so circumstantial /
Been blessed. True indeed -So it's time that I vamoose /
Poof I'm off, tryin' to open up my lane /
mainline to many veins -Multiple Revenue Streams

multiple Revenue Streams
You think I'm waiting on the game child? /
shit is real, shit-shit is real /
Track Name: Box 86 ft. Tone Atlas
There’s a chance it’s bigger than me /
And I might beat up /
Better get it right, Dim the lights; figuratively roll the sleeves up /
Read up, take notes, legal pad, sad and redacted /
Information pumping through veins:
Gladly distracted /
Had me mad and contracted, conflicted and spinning /
Reefer madness eyes popped, copped addicted and grinning /
Blitted and sinning, gritted the teeth, with a winning smile /
A few gaps, but a lapse can run laps in an 8 minute mile /
Forget raps and gimmick styles, this is zen preach time /
Don’t study wheelchair jimmy and use “yea” to end each line /
I use my shortcomings to keep time /
It’s a job that’s thankless /
And I stay anxious to rewind /
Always rhyming for answers /
But questions are more yet: /
The past is a map, not a straight line to your freaking door step /
I’m keeping the floor swept, the room is dimly lit /
it’s bigger than us and we’re looked in this box in which we fit.

There's a chance it's bigger than me /
And I might get beat up /
Better get it right /
Dim the lights /
Figuratively roll the sleeves up /
Read up, take notes, legal pad sad and redacted /
information pumping through veins /
gladly distracted /
Had me, mad and contracted - conflicted and spinning /
Refer mad, eyes popped /
slit, addicted and grinning /
blotted and sinning / gritted the teeth with a wining smile /
a few gaps, but a laps, can run run laps in an 8 minute mile /
Forget raps and gimmick style /
this is Zen preach time /
Don't study wheel chair Jimmy /
and 'Yeah' at the end of each line /
"Yeah" /
I use my short coming to keep time /
It's a job that's thankless /
And I stay anxious to rewind /
Always be rhyming for answers /
But questions are more yet /
The past is a map /
not a straight line to your freaking' door step /
I'm keeping the floor swept /
And the room is dimly lit /
It's bigger than us /
And we're locked in this box in which we fit

Yet, I love the box I chills in /
Planet of the children /
No one has the answers so my mans and them keep building /
Building tolerance in this box in which we fit /
I don't fear death /
When the box is all there is /

Just let it hit me like /
Like. hit me like /

1,000 yard head shot /
Kennedy the seats /
(or) bludgeon with a hammer /
Leave me center of the street /
So my enemies can feast /
And cheer upon the victory of mentoring defeat /
86 me - I was born there /
Die slow, time tortures /
hair pin trigger, itchy index, get me cross haired /
I'll do it to myself like an author /
Write about my dutch's 'til I'm drinking with Geoffrey Chaucer /
Give my son the coffer /
Save the pulpit /
Stick this pauper in the coffin /
Kill the bullshit /
Same with your philosophy /
Just plant a tree on top of me /
I'll enrich the soil /
Just make sure you stake it properly /
What's life? What's death? yo, what's new? /
When I can't breathe /
baby, let me turn blue /
Let me loose /
And finally let the legend work /
Foundation underground until I'm turned back to dirt.
Track Name: Myanmar
Money is the root of all evil /
is how they say it /
I'm checkin' out my paycheck /
like this ain't gonna make it /
switch /
to keep my family off the vagrant tip /
Dancin' in a pentagram- where the fuck is this Satan bitch /
I'm coming for you shataan /
What? You don't see me /
The cross ain't pragmatic /
I spelled this out with ouija /
Keep the mask and gloves dun /
Give me a 3 piece /
A michael Kors tie and 1 reason not to get greazy /
They don't believe me though /
I think it helps /
When the cops come they'll swim along quicker than Phelps /
Empty zipper in the belt /
Empty safe in the floor /
I'm quick to twist an L /
Can't put the W up no more /
I'm ODB /
My G, let's work the angles /
Hunt endangered bangles while ballin' with fallen angels /
Bank rolls dictate who's next to get strangled /
With dreams of raping a succubus /
I wanna traffic guns like my government /
I don't give a fuck what your judgement is /
fear mongering faith faggots preach eternal punishment /
Then pass out the coffer on some; Give me your money kids /
Money is the root of all evil /
Then why Church take it from the people? /
You don't even pay taxes on the steeple /
I was a sheeple /
They thought they were genius /
Until the alter boy cut the dick off monsignor /
Put it in the tabernacle /
Drank up all the vino /
I tried to do right /
I fuckin' tried /
My teachers told me that was the way /
They fuckin lied /

They fuckin lied /
But I no longer want to cry /
And with a tear down my face I'm yelling; /
Give me all your money and you don't have to die /
Sounding like i'm the church now /

I'm bumpin' "Devil's Son" like;
L's soft, as I get sloppy drunk /
Check in with the courier like where we at the process son? /
Myanmar rebels slicing' up the poppy buds /
This shit goon hit you in the face like a hockey puck /
Morphine base to H, 'cause that's more popular /
Burning flowers of darkness /
Watching Francis Coppoloa /
Get the shipment, watch the human shoot the devil up /
Fuck rap, I'm sellin' prostitutes to senators /
Yeah /
And breathe expensive purple ism /
Selling one cool blast to your central nervous system /
Listen. And I'll preach /
Tyler Durden / Frank Lucas taught me keep this shit discreet /
Preach /
Like listen money /
I think the way you floss is funny /
And you don't know how much this man is worth /
Low key - I'm jacking' Planet Earth.
Track Name: Black Lung
Black Lung. Ayo. Black Lung corroded liver /
Yeah -Ayo you reach I teach /
It's Rhonda Rousey /
The 'Air Up There' - knee brace /
That old foundry /
You snitch, we stitch /
That old adage /
The hitters goon split ya whole cabbage /
Give 'em one grip and sip of the courage /
Get off my dick -no, I'm trippin' /
It's time to flourish /
Rhymes that nourish the hustle, better be working' /
Try to put that work in, Better be certain /
Nose to a grind stone; steel to a sword /
From the rough to a diamond /
The Aries, god of war /
My Lord /
it's on the force /
But, of course that's how it's raised to be /
HipHop complacency, I 86 it faithfully /
Since '86 and day 1, He's been train for the major leagues /
Got options, call it free agency /
Triple threat. Who won test? /
Make your favorite spot a vacancy /
Yo don't fuckin' play with me /
Gentrify the base and breathe /
I mean; I'm white /
And this the take over /
My bad -That's just the way it be /
Tongue and cheek. It's the S to the E /
Yeah /
And Definition on the flavoring /
No frontin'. No fakin' /
Yeah /
No undulating and no wavering /
The world is hungry and guess what? /
I'm fuckin' catering.

Smoke this
Black lung / Corroded liver
Black lung
You don't know how much time ya god'll give ya /
Smoke this
Black lung / corroded liver.
Track Name: Gun Powder Tea ft. WestsideGunn
Westside Gunn: refer to GxFR!

I sport benevolence /
Smokey denim, dig cammo /
Dodgin' city scandals /
Ammo poppin'/
Champion's choppers rocking' that perfect handle /
Fam, miss me with that y'all /
Hiphop savior / ha
It's fuckin' that raw /
Little crack! Kick a fly track /
Shit need a passport /
Point ya own pistol at ya conscience /
Blow the back off /
Kazmar. Rest in peace kid /
And now to life, loyalty, and luxury I pledge allegiance /
'Till I'm deceased man, It's each 1 teach 1 /
Walk between the bears and the wolves /
Plus need to feed some /
G spent. Triple that. The boss is working /
Overseas tippin' gun powder tea /
knowing my purpose /
My pen is perfect /
Family man it's curtains /
Put this white boy with the gunner - It's mass murder /
The whole class smashed for certain /
knowledge flow /
The game catchin' feeling mo /
Fuckin' with B-Lo.
Track Name: Kobe
Yo. Baby, I don't stand alone /
You don't see the crew behind me /
That's 'cause I don't need 'em there /
You tryin' to party, be prepared /
Look around we everywhere /
Homie, I don't stand alone /
Might see 1 or 2 behind me /
But family you shouldn't take it there /
We don't fight fair /
Look around we everywhere /

Now listen, I don't stand alone /
I kick a poem, you get the truth /
Blame it on the juice but there's legends in the booth /
The ghost of Chris Kyle holds me down from the roof /
And the ghost of Chris Wallace re-wrote the last two /
Smooth /
Daunting ain't it? /
How many underground heads dream of flossin' famous /
They dream of flossin' /

Yo, I don't stand alone /
I got this ghosts that stand behind me /
I don't kick in the door /
I just pick it nonchalantly /
You could do it for ya self /
Or you could do it for ya army /
You want this gritty love /
Or this paranormal haunting? /
Ha - daunting ain't it? /
How many underground heads dream of flossin' famous /
I want the cost related /
My species is boss invasive /
ignore the calls from satan /
As I arson pages /
Cross walk; dodge whips as I cross the pavement /
Talk is ancient - The boss of future /
Come across as moocher and I'll toss the sutures /
Long commuter; sit the fuck down as I spark the flavor /
'Fore I hark upon the arches of angels and squash your playlists /
Yo. you got 1 last chance 'fore I tell Bosch it's raining /
Kobe - Drainin' /
Let the bath go - I rap so /
The ladies understand that /
This the best day of your life.
Track Name: Hall of Fame ft. Definition
Having dreams of neuromancer /
Or nightmares it's so complex /
Await for Colgate and bad credit /
Putting dollars on the odds of god /
I scratch the 'Loose Change" /
Grey suede Pumas and mic booth fame /
To have or have not /
40 ounces and Hemingway books /
The toll chemistry takes when it went from raw to cooked /
8 main ridin' eyein' barren cityscapes /
toxic Great Lakes fishing for the quickest sedatives /
Corner store scripts for mall liquor medicine /
It's all repetitive.

Now watch us get paid kicking' broke lines /
This we waiting' praying for some cosign /
Lo minds. Diluted hopes and cold crimes /
The voice around the world /
But I've been home the whole time /
In the lab squeezing' the fentanyl /
Dip my bic into the extract to end it all /
Cut a quick record, kill the game, young professional /
Tell ya girlie: she goon' never get the testicles /
Bitch's better know I'm wifed up /
(wifed up. yes)
Don't get it fucked up my love life is fresh /
I judge success by how many records you press /
God bless. No, I bless microphone maniacally /
No middle ground, it's either peace or ultra-violently /
Check the clock work - time to break the orange hairs /
I'm dreaming' of the dungeon at the beck in some lawn chairs /
Somethin' wrong here /
No chill. No Tan /
P itch black, as I rap, ghosts grill the whole camp /
Quasi-lifted murder tracks 'fore he wakes from his nap /
Oh damn.
Shut. 15 minutes and we in the hall of fame /
bang bang. 15 minutes and we in the hall of fame /
It's all repetitive.